TIE – Totally Immersive Education – is a dynamic e-learning platform that delivers learning within an active virtual learning environment. TIE stimulates learning through an engaging and interactive object based model. Exploration is the key behind uninterrupted learning, and there are vast environments with rich 2D and 3D graphics for students to explore! Its rich learning content is created to energize minds and enhance learning abilities. Reusability, faster turnaround time and cost effectiveness makes TIE a complete education partner.

Technology Learning Experience
Flash / AS3 based engine enables cross platform / cross browser support Mapping standards that measure up to North American Council for Online Learning (NACOL) and 508 compliance. Exciting storylines, themes and characters that are unique for each course
Architecture externalizes all content and settings allowing for easy customization and maintenance The key content is customized to suit each grade and presented via a rich multimedia experience. Choose from multiple avatars to play with as the lead character
Learning Objects use external XML data structure for all content, with an object editor to edit content without touching source code Learned content is applied through various self checks and offline assignments. Animated intros and cut scenes to further the plot and storyline
Learning Objects have their own self contained data architecture allowing them to be reused or repurposed for other delivery mechanisms In-house Subject Matter Experts with in depth knowledge on various subject areas. Fun interactions and mini games to keep the learning fun and interesting
Add-on tracking tool application allows for complete object level tracking independent of the LMS PDA / Console available in-game for students to access completed objects, incoming messages and tools
Easy LMS integration without the need for any customization