User & Role Definition

Users can be created through a simple registration process, and can then be assigned to a team. This enables other users within the team to be visible while the roles are being defined. Once the users have been created, the roles of author, developer, reviewer and publisher can be assigned to the users and the workflow can be defined

Object Creation

The author can select an object type to begin creating an object. Once selected, the user will be given a choice of templates to choose from. Objects can be single page or multi page, and users have the option to select different template types for different pages of the same object. Authors can add media including images, audio and video and the system offers the flexibility of adding glossary terms and Math formulas on the fly. If a certain image, animation or video needs to be created, the author can assign this to the developer.

Object Packaging

Once the object has been through the defined workflow, the object can then be packaged for delivery. Emantras offers several delivery mechanisms including downloadable zip packages, online embed code, mobile delivery (beta). Files ready for packaging can also be pushed to Emantras Object Portal – a searchable repository of objects classified by object type, subject, grade and other parameters. The objects are also ready for use in Emantras TIE (Totally Immersive Education) Virtual World gaming engine as well as Emantras Object Player.


Course authors can further create a complete course outline by creating modules, lessons and then assigning published objects within these lessons to publish a complete course.